Wrestling Weight Certifications

Certification Process:
1.Hydration – the athlete will pee in a cup with the supervision of an athletic trainer, and hydration levels will be tested using a tool called a refractometer. A certain standard must be met to pass the hydration test to continue in the weight certification process. If an athlete does meet the hydration standard, they must return at another date for their weight certification. IN ORDER FOR YOUR ATHLETE TO PASS THE HYDRATION, THEY SHOULD BE DRINKING ENOUGH WATER OVER THE NEXT TWO DAYS & NOT HOLD THEIR PEE THROUGHOUT THE DAY
2.The second part of the process is getting weighed on a certified scale. The athlete MUST be in shorts.
3.Skin fold measurements – there are three skinfolds measurements taken from three different parts of the body: back of the upper arm, abdomen, and below the shoulder blade/upper back.
4.We enter all those numbers into a computer program, which determines the wrestler’s minimum weight.