UPMC Sports Medicine provides Athletic Trainers who are health care professionals and collaborate with physicians to evaluate and treat sports injuries and other health problems. Our athletic trainers also provide preventive services, emergency care and rehab services. UPMC Sports Medicine’s more than 150 ATs are nationally certified and licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our experts use cutting-edge, science-based rehab techniques to speed recovery and restore function, so that our athletes can get back quicker to the sports they are passionate about.

Our athletic training program offers:

– Fast-track appointments for contracted schools: 1-855-93-SPORT (77678).

– Health care services at home and away practices, events, and games.

– On-site weight assessments and tips for wrestling programs.

– Guidance on pre-season, in-season, and off-season conditioning programs.

– ImPACT® concussion testing.

– ACL prevention and screening programs.

– On-site, sport-specific education programs for student athletes, parents, and coaches.

Shaler Area has three (3) full-time contracted Athletic Trainers with UPMC Sports Medicine:

TBA-for Fall of 2020-2021

Fall- High School/Middle School Football, Middle School Girl’s Volleyball, High School/Middle School Cross Country

Winter- High School Boy’s/Girl’s Basketball, High School Wrestling

Spring- High School/Middle School Track & Field, High School Boy’s Lacrosse, Middle School Girl’s Softball/Boy’s Baseball,   Middle School Boy’s Volleyball

Donna Rife, LAT, ATC ext. 1147

Donna has been an athletic trainer at Shaler Area School District since August of 2012 and is currently the site coordinator for Shaler Area High School. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Athletic Training from Slippery Rock University in 1990. She was the previous head athletic trainer at Kiski Area High School for 23 years. Donna is a member of the Program Development Committee at UPMC Sports Medicine and assist in the coordination of the WPIAL wrestling and PA Jr wrestling portion of that committee. She is also the medical coordinator for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure held yearly in Schenley Park on Mother’s Day

Fall- High School Girl’s Soccer, High School Girl’s Volleyball, Middle School Girl’s Volleyball

Winter- High School Girl’s Basketball, Middle School Boy’s/Girl’s Basketball

Spring- High School/Middle School Boy’s Volleyball, High School/Middle School Girl’s Softball

Erin Seiner, MS, LAT, ATC ext. 1147

Erin has been an athletic trainer at Shaler since September 2018. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from Duquesne University in 2015 and a Master of Science in Athletic Training from Daemen College in 2017. Prior to working at Shaler, she worked at Thiel College for one year. Erin is a member of the staff education committee in the Athletic Training Department within UPMC, and assists with all the UPMC athletic trainers acquiring continuing education credits.

Fall- High School/Middle School Boy’s/Girl’s Soccer, High School/Middle School Cross Country, High School Girl’s Tennis, Golf

Winter- High School Swimming, Middle School Wrestling

Spring- High School Girl’s Lacrosse, High School/Middle School Boy’s Baseball, High School Boy’s Tennis