Titans News · Understanding the Pixellot Game Viewing System

The flyer attached here is promotional information for the Pixellot Camera system which was installed in Gym A of the high school and at Titan Stadium.  The obtaining of this system was put into the works prior to the COVID pandemic, so the process of obtaining it was to allow those not able to get to the stadium an opportunity to view it, example relative in California, or someone who would rather watch at home.  But with the restrictions that became applied to gatherings the Pixellot system was became the main source to be able to live stream games.  They camera system is in line with the NFHS network, that broadcast thousands of games across the country and many in our area.  Although the service is not free, it cost the same as about two tickets to a varsity game for a month subscription, YOU DO NOT NEED TO GET A WHOLE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION, unless you want (this would allow you to see basketball, lacrosse if desired).  This not only allows a person to view any game held at Titan Stadium or Gym A of high school of any level, but also view any high school who also is on the network.  This is not a money making venture for the school district but rather the subscriptions offset the cost of the very advanced camera system that is installed.   These cameras actually give a more TV type viewing rather than wide swath viewing area of scouting video.  The attached flyer can give you the info needed to create and account and find Shaler Area and be able to watch games live or on demand.  I will also be sending to the coaches so they can help disseminate information.